History of a hotel

Reopening this hotel, the new owners have brought back the original spirit created by their visionary forerunners. This modern version is the next chapter in a long story of a glorious hotel with a distinctive profile.

“The story of K7 began in 1855, when the innovative Peter Kröll launched his legendary Hotel Europäischer Hof and traces of the original can be found in today’s hotel.One of the leading lights of Bad Nauheim, a rising town at the time, Kröll already ran a summer restaurant on top of the Johannisberg, but the ‘Europe Hotel’ was his greatest gift to gastronomy.
News of the hotel’s exclusive style spread rapidly, attracting a discerning clientele from all over Germany and Europe.”

The guest-list included none other than the Princes of Sachsen-Weimar, Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg or Bentheim-Tecklenburg-Rheda who chose to lodge at the Europäischer Hof during a military manoeuvre that took place in the area in 1874. And the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Hungary, popularly known as “Sissi”, was also known to enjoy a cup of Europäischer Hof coffee.
The original floor coverings from this time can still be seen in the entrance of today’s hotel boutique, which used to be the hotel lobby.

In 1869, the Europäischer Hof was taken over by the first in a line of owners who continued to keep the exclusive charm of the hotel alive, welcoming many well-known guests such as the Nobel prize-winning chemist Otto Hahn who in 1920 stayed in the hotel as a participant of the 86th Versammlung der Deutschen Naturforscher und Ärzte or the popular film director and mountaineer Luis Trenker.

The building was commandeered during World War II to serve as a military hospital, but, in 1950, a totally refurbished Europäischer Hof reopened, and the hotel’s doors stayed open until it was converted into a block of flats in the 1970s.

But the original spirit of the building refused to fade away, and now new owners Doris and Peter Seher are reviving its traditional role as a premier destination in Bad Nauheim.

They are proud to welcome patrons to K7 – a hotel with a distinguished past, but tailor-made for the demanding travellers of today. Let yourself be won over.